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Passion Unleashed: From Career to Calling

Updated: Feb 23

I, like many others, harbored fears about pursuing my dreams of working for myself after years in corporate America.

My career was driven by three core values: First, an insatiable desire to challenge myself and conquer new hurdles, always believing there were no mountains too high for me to tackle. It was never about competing with others; I thrived in team environments. Especially in my early years, strong female mentors played a significant role in my growth, and later, my wonderful teams meant everything to me.

Second, my deep love for family and providing security. While blessed with a strong friend and partner in my husband and loving adoptive family, my life began as child placed in foster care. This early experience instilled in me the drive to ensure that my family, particularly my children, wouldn't face the struggles I did. As a first-generation college student, I understood the importance of continuous education and the role it played in my success. Sometimes, to my fault, I prioritized others' needs over my passions, suppressing that inner voice that once told me to break away from status quo, that I could do it. It would be challenging, but as a family, we would figure it out.

Third and foremost, my passion is what prevailed more than anything else. While in some corporate settings, this might be seen as a deficit, for me, it's my calling.

It's what I was always meant to do—helping others find their path, connecting the dots, and encouraging them to embrace their passions rather than settling for unfulfilling roles. Making a difference has always been my driving force. Assisting others in becoming the best versions of themselves, realizing their dreams while earning a living, and transforming lives and families by guiding them on their career journeys is my gift—a calling to inspire others.

When others ask me "How did you take this leap of faith in yourself? For me it all came as a result of many months of feeling unfulfilled, bored, and under satisfied. At a moment when I would have normally put my head down and forged forward. I listened to that little voice that used to be far away which finally became very loud and suddenly very clear. “Why do you hold onto things that don’t serve any more? Why do you always put yourself last? What are you trying to prove to yourself, NOT others? At that moment I knew. It was time to listen, time to practice what I preached my entire career. It was time to take that long walk up the ladder and dive off.

This past year has been a 'sweet plunge' into a whole new ocean of possibilities. I encourage others to heed their inner calling and not merely dip their toes in but propel themselves off an Olympic diving board, ready to embrace the unknown and unlock the incredible potential that awaits.

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1 Comment

Excellent Laura. Wishing you nothing but the best for you in this new endeavor. I have to say your two children have already provided proof how successful you are

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