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About Us

At Breakout Consulting, we champion the unique strengths and talents of each individual, offering personalized coaching to unlock unparalleled success. Our services merge career, talent, and educational guidance with personal coaching, empowering both individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential. Committed to transformative growth, we provide the tools and support necessary for our clients to navigate their paths to success with confidence.

Picture of Breakout Consulting's Founder and President

Laura Crespo - O'Brien

Founder & Principal

As a seasoned career and talent development strategist, with over two decades of experience, I possess an in-depth understanding of competitive job markets and industry shifts.

Throughout my professional journey, I have navigated numerous transitions, including returning to work after a break to raise small children to assuming roles within varied industries such as higher education, marketing, banking and asset management.  During this time, I have acquired extensive expertise in senior leadership positions, advising top executives at Fortune 100 and 500 firms. Leveraging my wealth of knowledge and practical understanding, I have guided individuals and organizations towards triumphant outcomes.

My skill set is diverse, encompassing impactful educational designs, retention strategies, career coaching, transition methodology, job search tactics, interviewing acumen, and enterprise-wide learning solutions.

Recognized for spearheading thriving talent programs, championing diversity initiatives, and fostering strategic partnerships across multiple sectors, I remain committed to continuous learning to stay abreast of evolving skill requirements. This empowers me to provide clients with invaluable insights that propel their growth.

Drawing on my extensive experience and diverse expertise, I bring a multifaceted approach to executive and leadership coaching. As a Certified Executive Coach, I leverage practical insights alongside a master’s degree in educational counseling and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. My credentials extend to Senior Professional designations from both the Human Resources Certification Institute and the Society for Human Resources Management. Recently, I've added a certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (CNLP), enhancing my ability to understand and influence human behavior and communication. This comprehensive skill set ensures a collaborative, results-driven partnership rooted in a proven track record of success and a steadfast dedication to fostering personal and professional development.

Together, let's unlock your untapped potential, empower your employees, and transform your organization into an undeniable success together.

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